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taitaja9_kuokkalan_koulu_team_xl-2852Taitaja9 is a skills competition for ninth graders. The aim of the competition is to raise interest among comprehensive school students in jobs that require practical skills, and to increase the appreciation of vocational education and skills.

Taitaja9 Local and Regional Competitions

Local competitions are arranged in vocational education institutions across Finland. The organisers of the competitions are responsible for designing the tasks and making other arrangements, and therefore the competitions may differ from each other.

In principle, participating teams are given different kinds of tasks, and the team that completes its tasks in accordance with the rules is the winner. The best local teams are eligible to participate in regional competitions.

The local competitions are arranged in the autumn. The regional competitions are arranged after the local competitions.

Taitaja9 Finals

The winners of the regional competitions are eligible to participate in the finals arranged in connection with the Taitaja2012 Competitions. A total of 36 teams coming from different parts of Finland will participate in the Taitaja9 Finals on 24 April 2012.

In the finals, the competing teams perform tasks arranged in a track-like environment. The winner is the team that completes the tasks fastest in accordance with the rules. Six best teams will receive a prize.

Further information on the competition, schedule and participation at

Steering Group

Mira Ruth-Viitanen, Jyväskylä College
Tea Mäkeläinen, Jyväskylä College
Janne Lilja, North Karelia Educational Federation of Municipalities (Head Judge)
Sari Lähteenmäki, Jyväskylä College
Juhani Hakuli, North Karelia Educational Federation of Municipalities
Jaana Aholainen, Savo Vocational College











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